Hotspot #2 – Boxpark Shoreditch

The Boxpark in Shoreditch opened in 2011 as the world’s first pop-up mall. You can recognise the Boxpark by its black and white pattern which is painted all over the street. There are different stores side by side where you can buy street food, clothes, accessory and a lot more. Shoreditch is booming and so, the Boxpark offers a unique position for lifestyle brands, cafes, galleries and restaurants to succeed. I have made a list of my favorite places!

Falafelicious, unit 59.

It is a restaurant where they really understand how falafel should be done. They serve a mouthwatering falafel and other dishes based on falafel like salads and hummus.

Shop: Couco Eyewear, unit 13.

When you see the interior of this shop you will immediately be in love. There is such a creative and clean energy you must go in. They sell a carefully select authentic and independent eyewear brands. All of their brands are unique in their shapes and forms. When you buy your glasses in this shop you will know for sure there are not many people wearing the same glasses as you are. You can also order their glasses online at their website.


There are lots of cool events going on in the Boxpark, from dancepartys with fresh dropping beats and club classics to capoeira and samba sessions. So when visiting the Boxpark you have to check the event agenda!

For more information you can visit the website or leave your question below!

Love, colourupurlife


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