Hotspot #4 – Camden Town

Camden Town is a popular town in the greater London area.
Camden town attributes her popularity to the Camden Market, The name sounds like there is just one market, but it’s a collective name for the various markets in Camden Town. The Camden Market is very popular and it’s one of London’s biggest attractions. Camden Town itself currently belongs to a lot of hotspot lists. It’s visited by a wide
audience, but especially by young people.

You can also recognize Camden Town on the artistic facades. The commercial properties in Camden High Street are increasingly
becoming an artistic expression of what is being offered in the
property. For photographers, the facades are an source of inspiration. Another nice example of beautifully decorated facades are the houses on the western side of Hartland Road. Here is a row of fifteen houses, which are all painted in a different pastel tint. It’s a beautiful picture in a side street that is only visited by a handful of tourists.

The markets are located around Camden’s double locks. Therefore, a part of the market is called Camden Lock Market. Another part is
located next to the canal and is called Camden Canal Market. In
sunny weather, this piece of the market is the most atmospheric by far. This is due to the location along the water where you can buy
delicious multicultural food at the dining stalls. There are also nice
seats of remodeled scooters where you can chill and eat.


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