Hotspot #5 – We admire

On the third day of our stay in London we went to shore ditch. There we looked for nice vintage shops. We walked from the shore ditch high-street subway station to the bus station. We took there the bus to the shore ditch shopping area. We found a vintage very fast in one of the first streets. The shop calls ‘we admire’. It was a vintage store where they had completely original and oh-so-irreverent shirts.


We admire print every day iconic shirt. Behind each shirt is a story. For example heavy metal bands, toilet humor, history shirts, colorful shirts, abstract shirts. We admire print everything you can imagine. In the store there are about 25 thousand shirts with a difference in style, size and color. There is no double shirt. Everything is different. The print process at we admire is very fast, if you ha


ve an idea what you want on your shirt, it’s in a few moments ready for you. This doesn’t mean that your shirt is very expensive. All shirts are sold for an affordable price. Despite the affordable price, you get a high quality shirt. Who doesn’t want this? The shop employee knew incredibly much about shirts. You saw that his passion was in all shirts. He could tell a story about every shirt. That’s why we’ve been listening for a quarter of a minute. Not everything was always clear because he also talked a lot about history. Of course, we were not as well informed of that, as he was. After talking with the emplo

yee, we walked through the store for a while. So we saw the difference between all shirts. Some were with a few colors others with very much. At the end we asked if we could m

ake some pictures. He thought it was oke. If we didn’t make too many pictures of the prints. Of course he was proud of the prints and didn’t want to share it with anyone.



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