Hotspot #5 – We admire

On the third day of our stay in London we went to shore ditch. There we looked for nice vintage shops. We walked from the shore ditch high-street subway station to the bus station. We took there the bus to the shore ditch shopping area. We found a vintage very fast in one of the first streets. The shop calls ‘we admire’. It was a vintage store where they had completely original and oh-so-irreverent shirts.

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Hotspot #4 – Camden Town

Camden Town is a popular town in the greater London area.
Camden town attributes her popularity to the Camden Market, The name sounds like there is just one market, but it’s a collective name for the various markets in Camden Town. The Camden Market is very popular and it’s one of London’s biggest attractions. Camden Town itself currently belongs to a lot of hotspot lists. It’s visited by a wide
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Hotspot #2 – Boxpark Shoreditch

The Boxpark in Shoreditch opened in 2011 as the world’s first pop-up mall. You can recognise the Boxpark by its black and white pattern which is painted all over the street. There are different stores side by side where you can buy street food, clothes, accessory and a lot more. Shoreditch is booming and so, the Boxpark offers a unique position for lifestyle brands, cafes, galleries and restaurants to succeed. I have made a list of my favorite places! Continue reading “Hotspot #2 – Boxpark Shoreditch”